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Reviews for "Civilizations Wars"


I Just can't stop playing XD Very very addicting ;D

great game, but found too easy of way to beat it..

all you have to do is use stats for offense/defense. then, when you hit level 8, you can redo the first board over and over with bonus multiplier (first one is 1.5 XP). once you get here, use your stats ONLY for the XP booster. once you max that out, just do (in this order) offense/speed/agility/defense til you max out. do not stop doing first board. before you know it, you'll keep getting more and more XP multipliers to use and then you'll be doing 8x's to 10x's extra XP within literally seconds. how? easy... because your attack and speed are so high, just focus on attacking main enemy castle with first mouse click and second enemy castle (one they are approaching with men) with second click. when youre maxed out of attack/speed, youll win right away. keep doing this over and over and over (but do not use enemy attack/defense multiplier, cuz not worth time lost). i did this til i maxed out.

here is my perfect setup to fly through this (at level 50 and with this setup, i beat every board within seconds):
- max attack
- max speed
- max support
- max crystal amount and init
- max reload time
- max defense and agility (though not super necessary, you can use the skills for other spells if you want)

using your support spell (7 is shortcut) as first move on a board and send them after large castle of one of enemies. with normal troops, start conquering crystal and smaller buildings.

every time support spell reloads, send it after largest castle of enemy OR use it to take over a tower.

please note that you will have TOO many soldiers in a castle once your support troops land. quickly send them to take over enemy positions, so as not to waste them.

with this strategy, youll fly through the game like it was nothing.


One of the best games on NG. Great replay value.

it cudnt get any better

hard though sumtimes very easy
good music
nice gameplay