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Reviews for "Civilizations Wars"


THis game is flat out amazing.... Its easy to understand and has a really cuddly cute savage look to it!!!!! I never have been this amazed since i played Chromotron!!! (sp?) 11 stars for you!!!!..... darn well i guess ten is the best i can do. lol. great work!

Great game!

the freakin mega turtle killed me 6 times but still great!

any stratagy game is awesomed but this...

is the best on newgrounds and lots of other sites!

Amazing!!!!! =DDDD

Games like these are truly... nothing less than art!!! It amazes me what flash is capable of these days. The art is amazing, the sound effects are adorably funny and the gameplay is fluid and nice.

Here are some suggestions that I would like to see implemented in future games:
- Music: Adding a little bit of music can break the monotony of the game and add a little more color.
- Armies clashing: It's a little weird to see armies march past each other and nothing happening. I think maybe they should clash and fight on the field too (it would make sense, because sometimes I just rush a whole bunch of soldiers past his smaller cities right into the BIG city and no one stops me).
- Improved AI: Make the AI smarter a bit like not conquering crystal mines during no-magic games.
- Better selection: You should implement selection groups so that we can select multiple cities quicker. Other options should be to not select towers and mines so we can attack directly.
- Macromanagement: add an option to towers and mines to auto-replenish units from nearest city?
- More types of buildings! Maybe a fortress of some sort that produces better soldiers but slower, walls, naval battles, etc!

This is so amazing, I obviously haven't gone through everything but I am excited to! Keep it up



I love this game! It is wicked fun and I can't stop playing it. My only complaint, is that I have no idea what agility does. A little help document would be nice.