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Reviews for "Civilizations Wars"

wat the hell

i cannaot beat the turtle!and it wont let me's upgrade!!!!how do i win?why wont it let me upgrade?

tjcarlos responds:

Try to upgrade your flash player, it should help.

Dude its great

Hey man I really like the game and I ask you to make more like it. Their is only one thing I dont like about it it might just be my computer im not sure. I couldnt get it to save. I made it past the giant turtle and the giant Lobster but I saved it and tried to play it again but it dosent show up my saved file. So if I play it again I have got to start from the very begining and I cant drive my self to do it. But other than that it was by far in the top 3 of all newgrounds games. It is alot better then that Alien Homid bullshit or how ever you spell it and they got famouse you might have something going on here keep up the good work.

Hey i need a quick Reply

I loved this game can you download it?

Real fun.

Captured my intrest for a long time, which doesn't happen a lot.

Typo alert - Loading screen says "to" instead of "too".

Hours of fun

Great game, stole hours of my work time lol