Reviews for "Civilizations Wars"

love it

this game is awsome i have bin looking for a game like this for a while


the gameplay was really rather enticing. Ahn dat's all i gots to says bout dat.

it cudnt get any better

hard though sumtimes very easy
good music
nice gameplay


there's not much to say about it, except maybe that it rocks. so. hard. the mechanics are easy to learn, and there is enough variety to keep you going. i'd definitely want a sequel, hopefully one with increased difficulty. :D

Good, but easy.

The game overall is a pretty good RTS, but once you levelup the army's attack, defense, and speed by about 3 levels and replay earlier levels to get XP, it becomes way too easy. I managed to beat the Scorpion, Octopus, and get the blaster with minimal effore due to being 140% in all stats.