Reviews for "Civilizations Wars"

i like it but

after a while like on level three its gets boring just having to use all ure buildings just to claim one great game though

Awesome game!

Awesome freaking game! Addictive as all hell. Only complaint is the lvl 50 cap.

Very Addictive

Very fun

Best game I've played in awhile.

Overall, the game was great, a bit on the easy side, but tricky at times. (Then again, I play quite a few of these types of games so might be easier for me I guess.)

The boss battles were very well executed, and the additional levels after completing the normal game really added some depth to it. The upgrades were appropriate for this game style, not too many that you don't have to choose, but not too few that your enemys have better stats than you.

Only thing I can say about the game is that after about half way, it begins to get laggy. Granted if you just save your profile and refresh the page it fixes it, perhaps add something could be done that calibrates the game between battles or something. Really a minor problem, but easily fixed.

I look forward to more games from you in the future!


It is a good game and very addicting but when you get to the later levels, it really has some lag issues.