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Reviews for "Civilizations Wars"


what would of made it a 10/10 would be a quality control, it gets pretty laggy at time


i have a little problem,it wont let me get anything on the levelup screen,not even the lvl 0 skills is it sapost to do this? -1 for possable bad glitch

otherwise it was a pretty good game

5/5 + 9/10

Great game but minor flaws

This was a great game but was a bit too easy imho and also after I beat the spider boss the game seemed to get laggy and it only got worse later on in the game.

i like it but

after a while like on level three its gets boring just having to use all ure buildings just to claim one great game though

Awesome game!

Awesome freaking game! Addictive as all hell. Only complaint is the lvl 50 cap.