Reviews for "Civilizations Wars"

would love to play the game, but it gets stuck on the "Bubblebox.com presents" part, and wont move after that.

sometimes it does pass that, but I am unable to start a new game :(

ZOMG this is fun!! The perfect blend of easy enough if you wanna pwn for awhile and as challenging as you wanna make it! Instantly hooked, love the upgrades and totally dig the civ's victory cheer (dunno how anyone could hate that) Did NOT expect the octopus' fury!!! A lot of nice touches in what is clearly a superior creation here.

the units sounded like retarded cats trying to hard to be cute..but overall its a nice game


This game is very well balanced between magic and physical war. The engine is almost flawless!! Though... I've still found a major bug in it while playing against multiple enemies and may want to fix it.

Condition :

player + at least 2 opponents
Control an enemy last building while it is sending troops at another building to control it. It must capture the building it is sending troops to.
It must not be the last CPU alive


The CPU is concidered ''dead'' though it isn't... and he keeps going on since he actually capture a building after being delared ''dead''.
Capture only the other CPU buildings to win the battle even if the other CPU is alive. will end in victory while not actually winning!

Victory Check :

Should check if CPU 1 controls any units / buildings then if CPU 2 controls any units / buildings. Shouldn't check if they are dead because during battle they didn't control a building.

Hope this helps you to improved a little the game!

This is worth the 10 rating because even though I can play this for hours without being bored!! Good Job!!


Graphics are amazing ^)