Reviews for "Civilizations Wars"

Good fun, but the adds are a killer

One of my favorites.

Ads before and mid game? No thanks.

Thank you for a great game i enjoyed playing through it very much :)
This is my feedback after finishing it for the second time with a new race.
I rarely used spells because i didn't need them. Brute force is so much more efficient. You only need to up the stats boosting spells to win the game.
I am guessing it is a nightmare to balance a game with so much stats, and after level 8 and especially 11 it does get unbalanced.
A potential exploit i found is that after level 11 i used the exp boost from the new mods that were unlocked and the maxed exp boost skill and i got about 16000 exp from 1 run that took me less than a minute to complete with rushing the enemy.
Another game changer was when i realized i could pwn the enemy immediately after starting the game instead of trying to grow gather crystals and conquer towers. I'd just send my little soldiers right to their base, while they travel the enemy pc send the first troops from his main base and gets his defence down so you can capture it, from then on its a piece of cake ;)

I found it!!!

I remember playing this game a few months ago but I did not remember it's name! Wuuu!!! Definitely going to my favorites!