Reviews for "Begin The Adventure!"

Hehe, this is pretty nice. I could totally see this working as the intro for a game or something. I also don't know how you have such few fans considering how nice your work is. Consider me a new fan of your work. :3

Michael-Flaherty responds:

Thank you so much! :)

reminds me of my favorite RPG games.

I totally wish I could replace the Skyrim menu music with this.

Wow love this! Please make more :)

This reminds me of dragon quest rocket slime (only dragon quest I loved :P).
You did a great job and you deserve a lot and lot more praise(if I say that wright).
Because you are one of the best muscicians here in my opinion (and I listen to a lot on newgrounds :P) I heard every single one of your music pieces and you're really amazing. :)