Reviews for "Jones Platformer"

Super Mario Jones??

This game feels kinda like Mario (mostly cause of the sounds), but with an Indiana Jones/ninja style. Please, don't get me wrong, I like the game, but I just get bored by this kind of games.


How to improve:

Proper graphics, the animation was good and smooth though. I'd have prefered if the world was colourful.
Better physics, you stop for too long when you touch the floor you cant jump hit the floor then jump again, well its difficut to.
The walls get in the way of the spring.
This is possibly a glitch or you might have put it in there on purpose but i got teleported across the stage randomly at the start on level 1 i think you shud fix that.


The controls suck...!!! (Really...)

uou did well

you made an excellent game in total, however, there are many bugs in it that need to be fixed, sorry!