Reviews for "FlxAdventure"

Pretty good game

A really well put-together game! I do believe I'll be adding this to my favorites. There's a glitch in level 3 though, I'm able to walk on the water on the southern river and walk all the way off of the map. Just thought I'd let you know.

SeiferTim2 responds:

uh-oh, I'll have to look at that...

Or did you just enter the Jebus code? ;)


u could make an ipod touch game of this or something. nice but needs saves and more different upgrades


Incredibly original, well functioning and fun. Love the fog of war stuff. This is incredibly inspiring.

looked and played great. just needed sound.

sound effects needed
ambient sound very wanted
music wanted

Good one. Was way too easy for me.
To those who don't understand the little box at the bottom I explain:
if it looks like 5>1 2<3 (5>1 being the top relation, 2<3 being the bottom one)
it means that you rolled 5 attack and your enemy rolled 1 defense for the turn, thus your enemy gets hurt for 4 hitpoints (5-1=4)
the bottom relation is vice versa - you rolled 2 defense and the enemy rolled 3 attack, thus you loose 1 hitpoint
1>1 or 3<3 would mean no damage
Good luck with your rolls and BEWARE OF THE CRAZY CHICKEN :D

SeiferTim2 responds:

Some people have crazy-good luck with the RNG it seems. Glad you liked it! Was intended to be a super-simple die-rolling system.