Reviews for "Mutant Uprising"

tip :dont make sex with the hot naked mutent

This is an easy to make game but fun-to-play as well! Great-Job!

Had loads of fun playing it.

The first time playing I was more focused on beating it and then after that I had a lot of fun "fucking" around and dying and shit just to see how hilarious the actions would be. Hahahahahaha!

Hint: A can of beans can do wonders for you in this game.~ =)

Final Score: A+ with 4832 points and 5 deaths.

Oh ya, and Jerry is just so invaluable in this game too~ hahaha! =XD

Has anybody else found a companion named jerry in this.

This reminds me of Dead frontier Outbreack

awesome game!

i liked the friendships! especially the one where you have sex with the mutant chick. ;^)
i think that if the story kept going, and the character kept doing brutality moves he would eventually become the ruthless tyrant ruler of the mutants! >:^]