Reviews for "Mutant Uprising"

Damn this was awesome

scary, but good

really nice game. liked it pretty much.
also @aidenjay03: the gerbil doesn't necessarily have to die. i made it through with it still by my side. you just have to 'use' it carefully (only used it once, to kill the carshop owner)

A+but besides geting that this was a great game deserving a sequel and make itvideo like but still text based so its still a roleplay like after the video or picture and ave it so its if u did the swimming pool mutant chick and u have Jerry but your run out of your hideout in the woods and are forced into town makeing your only hope the swiming pool mutant who u said ud call but know u have to get ahold of a phone and figure out the status on the world and after that multi possibilities maybe even combinations of wut your charecter shows in brutality info and kindness and other stuff to quility for certain endings and focused endings if u have all of one trait for the sequel

Great game.
Note: This is a MUTANT game, no zombies.
1. Beans will get you sex.
2. Jerry loves lullabies.
3. Watching porn in public will get you killed.