Reviews for "Mutant Uprising"

The best choose ur own adventure

I almost crided asd jerry .............. Also the pool and everything was fun and funny i got b-

Great Game.

Make More.

Trying adding more encounters with other survivors and maybe a new element to the game... unfortunately I am not creative enough to suggest what that element may be but I'm sure you'll think of something.



wow! another great game! i love the idea to have mutant friends, and a mutant attack gerbil :D and there are really lots of ways to play this game... and that brutality information kindness this is great too :D haha beans, and mutant girl friend! its damn good


this is a great game. I usually end up hating these sorts of game because the authors always make it so you die and you lose, and more often then not there is only one story to be told
but this is obviously not like that at all. My first attempt got me a c-, and I say first cause I'm sure I'll try it again.