Reviews for "Mutant Uprising"

! dont like it

There is no avtion in this game!

Fairly interesting

When I heard the name I thought it was going to be similar to X-Men. You know, like society was segregating the mutants and this was their uprising. This was still pretty fun to play if it was a bit too simple. It's cool how you let yourself visualize what is going on. Word of advice: Do not open the door as the elderly woman will melt your face with acid. Even that part was really well written, you might want to consider being a horror story writer. It was not really a point and click game as you chose what to do next.

It did a good job of creating a spooky atmosphere. Pity I am playing this shortly after Valentine's Day and not Halloween. The music is fairly creepy and I like how you put a lot of work into the narrative making it seem more like a short story. I do wish that you could put in more detail than just the same screens. Congrats on being so highly rated.

b nice grade

b- nice good game


Awesome i got a C+ really good game the only time i died was at the in door swimming pool and putting on my hazard lights when i was being chased by the Mutant truck.

Good Job

I love this game!The jerry idea really impressed me.you should make a game just about jerry that would be really cool!Nice game dude