Reviews for "Mutant Uprising"

This Game Is Very Good. It has a very good topic, which everyone usually enjoys and that is aliens or "zombies". Whats even better is that you give what much people want and that is there own ability to makes choices and alter the story line which will also want players to continue playing. I liked this game and from the reviews many other people like it to. Now I'm no pro, but to make this game even better if you don't wanna go through the whole hastle of making animation just add a slight view of the monster or a whole picture of it, might make people rational to make there desicion and also kinda make the person get more ''connected" with the game I dont know... Well anyways overall good game. ^ Also Idk if this dang rating is letting me choose five stars if it doesn't then damn it all...

A+ :D even though I died 21 times x3
ingenuity rating of : clever
2 brutality
5 kindness
3 information and items
3761 final score ^.^
bragging aside, this is a very amusing game. I love it!

You won it in a raffle... yeah that's it - all I gotta say. Actually it's pretty damn cool, I used to love these sorts of things as a kid in those old R.L. Stein books. Personally I chopped my neighbor's head off with a kitchen knife. Keep up the awesome work. - Brutality.

In the pet shop scene, whatever you do..Do NOT woffle-stomp the gerbil..
It'll crawl in your arse and die.

I do NOT care for stories in games, but I love games that pretty much are stories. This reminds me of those choose-your-adventure books I read as a kid, and that's probably why I loved this.