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Reviews for "Paradox Embrace"


its really cool how evrything changes up. its fun.

EntropicOrder responds:

Z really brought the different worlds to life beyond what I had even imagined initially.

Great platformer!

I have to go in a min , so I couldn't finish the game before I had to go.

I am at level 2 now. And I don't think the game will go worse.

It's a really fun platformer with nice graphics. I like it how you can change from personality/world or whatever =]

Tomorrow I will get all Medals for this! Thanks for this AWESOME GAME SIR.

Oh yeah I forgot, I love it how you can see how much time you gotten on every level.

EntropicOrder responds:

The speed run functionality was something that almost didn't make it into the game but I'm really happy we included it.


screw everyone who didt put 10 on this game have u not noticed the graphics changing alot? awome man

GREAT game.

I played it from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed it. The concept is unique and the art and animation were fluid. Some people have complained about the end being short, but I thought it worked just fine. In spite of what anyone has to say about it negative, it was obviously a well-planned flash that took a lot of time and effort. Congrats on finishing it up and the front page accolades. I'm sure I'll go back and try to get the other awards too.

Great game

Didn't really like it but it's a good design and unique game play

@Evilblades Dude just Download IE or Google Chrome. Firefox isn't a PART of your computer its a program -_-