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Reviews for "Paradox Embrace"

Good mix of adventure and puzzles.

It first seemed not too good to me, but after going into a changer it's pretty clear, it is not too hard to get the hang of it.
good mix of adventure and puzzles.
The art is good, but movement is a bit too simple I think.

The music fits with the game, but there should be more songs available when playing the game, this one gets repetetive. I know I can mute it but you know what songs are good with this game.

This game might become portal history this day and maybe this week/month .

It is good it is saved automaticly.
LOLZ medals, I just didn't see that because it is under judgement, but I just got one from nowhere XD.

EntropicOrder responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful response. FYI, there are different songs in levels 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9.

Interesting but buggy

I definitely want to rate this game higher, as it's fun, looks great, and plays pretty well. I cannot, however, as it has at least one major bug. It indicated using either the arrows or the WASD keys to move around. Pushing D, though, instead of moving you right, resets the game to some weird level you can't do anything in except die. Maybe it's just a weird bug only I saw, but it's still not okay to have your directions tell you to do something and it just kills you.

EntropicOrder responds:

Problem fixed. I just uploaded a new version 1.2. I had associated D with a teleport for debugging a specific level and forgot to disable it. Sorry about that!


Another game from Zeebarf. Damn I'm lucky to see this while itz be4 judgement. Well, the game was indeed nice overall and this game will pretty much earn a daily award. Great job.

EntropicOrder responds:

Thanks for the high mark pelepone!