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Reviews for "Paradox Embrace"

Awesome Game!!!

I like the ability to switch between different characters to go through different barriers. I also like the enemies, but I think it could've been a little bit harder.

Remember, fangirling is bad.

It's a little too easy, but it flows well without glitches, has great artwork, and I adore the music. I think you did a great job with the concept of switching characters, how everything changed, including the scenery, music, and quotes at the end of each level. I didn't like the loop for the music, it ends a little abruptly, and the storyline was a little simplistic. Still, ten because it's an amazing game.


I like the fact about switching beetween different characters unlocking different posibilities. Still, it has been used a lot of times.

I think you need more levels. Or even harder ones because the game seems a bit to simple, yet.

good concept

but again a bit repetative but realy like the graphics and the idea is really good need a lil something more tho

Fun, Fun, and Done!

The game is fun, but if you complete it in the 19 minutes (sadly, I did it, but I was logged out), it's completed really fast. The problem is the first time I played, I breezed through it quickly. It's very easy to unlock every achievement, which I did, but as I said before, I was logged out.