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Reviews for "Paradox Embrace"


I would suggest adding a button to get out of a level that has been entered and previously completed! Nice game!

Very Nice!

Like someone has stated before this is not a puzzle, but it's an awesome game! :)

Nice, interesting puzzle game

A good puzzle that can keep you entertaining for a long time. The graphics, sound, and gameplay are all superb in this wonderful game.

Pretty good game

It's a pretty good game. But I think it's misclassified. It's not a puzzle. The path is essentially fixed. You have to pass the checkpoints in sequence. The challenge comes from avoiding the enemies and racing the clock (for some of the medals.) Now, there's nothing wrong with such a basis for a game. It's just not a puzzle.

Wow, just wow!

This is amacing. I like that your character can go through different time epocs and cross diffenret bariers. I also like that it is the same piece of music that is played, but the instruments differ from time epoc.