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Reviews for "Paradox Embrace"

Youhou !! I made 16:13 for all levels !!

This is a beautiful game man,
Good graphics, sounds and controls...
The challenges are well balanced (some medals are difficult but not impossible to get).

Good job man!! =]


Nice graphics... it wasn't all that challenging , and a bit short, but good overall ;)

so fun

Its simple fun and so imagintative

very good

for anyone whose interested here are the sayings at the end of each level in order

He sat for hours whatching flowers follow the sun. he knew it wasnt because they wanted or needed it, but because it was their nature. Stil he couldnt help but find their quest inspiring.

hours of pondering in the darkness culminted in a moment of realization so thrilling it raised the hair on his neck and sent a shiver down his spine

The cold dark had no say in the matter, so why had he cared for so long what it thought? For once he was confortable being a speck in the vastness.

He allowed himself to utter words, even knowing their flawed inner workings.

Hundreds of porcelain banks lined his halls. He collected them for their aestheitc and purpose, and never hesitated to fill them with coin. though he embraced the fact that every one would have to be shattered to pieces, he valued them no less.

He had been Stripped of prize and comfort, yet knew their motivations were essentially good

Realizing the other end of the ropes bound to his wrists was only fastened to his waist, he wondered how long they had been that way as he stood up and fled from his cell.

certainty was nowhere to be found, but he experianced something that felt alot like placing one foot ahead of the other, so he went with it.

He finally recovered his reins and wrapped them twice around his hands. Looking over his collection of beasts, he chose to ride out on the butterflies