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Reviews for "Paradox Embrace"


Really enjoyed this, last two levels could have been a little harder and it would have been nice to have a gameplay mode or extra in game feature after you complete the game rather than just playing through again to get all the NG medals.
Great stuff overall

Embraced I did- and I'm glad

This was quite the entertaining game. The levels were challenging but not too hard (exception level 7) and it must have been difficult to set the scheme change (I happen to be working on a similar (control multiple people) game and are having small difficulties; the fact that you did it will make me try harder). The musical tracks fit together and I would like to see more Paradox Embrace in the future.


Reason for an 8 is because controls lag a bit. Also seems a little confusing.

Well thought out game

Sort of reminded me of an old Genesis game called Kid Chameleon where you changed characters. It's nice how the music and backgrounds change as well and the difficulty level is good, I find it's one of the harder parts of creating a game, especially like the one you guys made, mostly they're way too easy. Having the character use some sort of weapon would make it more interesting but it seems the game focuses on puzzle solving

Quite entertaining.

Very fun game with a well thought out difficulty level.