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Reviews for "Paradox Embrace"

Great game

Didn't really like it but it's a good design and unique game play

@Evilblades Dude just Download IE or Google Chrome. Firefox isn't a PART of your computer its a program -_-


One of the best puzzle platform games to grace newgrounds. The animation was very well done, the sound was nice and very fitting to the world you created, the puzzles themselves were challenging without being too hard and kept me entertained. The levels were masterfully crafted and the abstract nature of each of the three varying realms really caught my attention.

Fantastic work, it was incredibly fun to play.
Well deserved,


This is phenomenal, man! A great idea, and the music is fantastic...
The game oddly reminds me much of Lost Vikings.
Keep it up, man, this is a fantastic game!


A great platformer/ puzzler, and an intersting passive commentary on the human condition-- I expecially enjoyed how science and nature were allowed to ignore the illogical demons that were an obstacle for the spiritual fellow. Well played.

Such a great idea!

The base idea of this game is fascinating, I think you're really onto something with this triple of magic, science and nature.
The realization , especially the visual realization could have been a little more careful, could've spent some more time working with the animations and the look of the game. Also, the whole game was a bit too confusing, even if it was somewhat meant t be like that.
But these really are just smaller problems of the realization. If you spend some time working the animations, and throw in some extra ideas on the monsters and obstacles, a second version of this game could be the best puzzle-platform game I've ever played.