Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"


I realy liked it , good job .

ah come on!

I really liked this game, I don't know why so many reviews have been on the negative side. I really liked the different upgrades which gave it more of a strategy feel than most defense games, although i have to say a mega mega mega tower would be pretty cool :)

great game

this deserves 10 stars

i didnt beat the game but i knew it was beatable and i love that feeling when playing a TD

it was very intresting and it kept me playing for hours and hours (4 hours) and i was really satisfied with it after i was done

the bubbles noises after about 30 minutes of constantly popping got annoying though but other than that

great game and keep it up


It has some very tricky spots, but the game manages them smoothly. A genuine challenge, with plenty of replay value.



Played the game for about 3 hours, it is amazing and very complex yet clean