Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"


i mostly dont play these kind of games but this one got my attention good job =)


This must be one of the most addicting TD games i've ever played. I really like how you can merge the towers together to make a huge one.

And the music, Wow! So relaxing. Does the music ingame and in the Menu have a name? I'd relly appreciate if you shared :D

say NO to the points below

why? its easy
first of all -> if u dont like it THEN DONT PLAY IT - but thats for the blammers
i can only say that the second point is right which isnt a bad thing because all armor games on NG that i played by now dont have all features
think of armor games at this point
tutorial? skip? the hell? u can win BOTH levels in less than 10 or 20 seconds ...
healthbars? if u cant kill then u CANT kill it so no need to worry about health
art: bubble tanks and bubble tanks TD hmm? needs something that makes them look alike cause its BUBBLE TANKs ... why not same art? if im the creator of bubble tanks i would NEVER even think about making new art
map: this game is based on another one but i cant remember the name
the map design is great cause u r free to build however u like
Mega Mega Tower ok but 3x Mega? where to build this thing? dude the map isnt big enough for that
yeah only ONE thing is there thats true: no hotkey for next wave
anyway 5/5 10/10
i thought when i started playing: home sweet home

Very fun game! with lots of levels!

This is one of the best TD games I've played on NG (and that's alot!) you got many different challenges/levels, many upgrades and MEGA MEGA turrets! those kick ass! I even tried to evolve 4 mega mega turrets into 1 big ass turret in the infinite level, but unfortunately that didn't work lol! (infinite level is available on the author's site)

Played many days on this baby and I like it alot! thanks man! I smell a sequal :)

Hero interactive makes kickass games, you should play all of them.