Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"

Great game!

Very good game-bette than the others

HeroInteractive responds:

Thanks, it's just a different type of game than the others. We're still planning on continuing the normal BT series.


this is a really great addition to the BT series. its great how you can block off paths with the tanks. im not to fond of the "fixed" levels but they have their strategy too which is still good. still having the upgrades that divide into other types of upgrades is still good too. well good work on this and hopefully see a bubble tanks 3 soon, or even a BT:TD soon!


I loved the Bubble Tanks series from the first game and this one excels yet again, even though the change in genre. Well polished and a joy to play.

A couple of notes:
1. Bug: The 'restart level' screen on failure sometimes stays on top of everything even though I asked to restart.
2. There is no priority control, as previously stated in the reviews. Turrets might target the least dangerous enemy first. It would be great to add an option to select a default and specific strategies for turrets' targeting: Most Health, Flying First, Closest to Target, Closest to Turret, Farthest from Turret (for snipers, etc.), and others like those.

Otherwise, wonderful work. Looking forward to seeing more from you and the series.

pretty easy and awesome

i passed it without losing lives


Brilliant, excellent game!