Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"

That's a shame

I love bubble tanks, but this game has some serious flaws. Number 1 you must switch the priority to the one closest to the goal, too many times has this cost me a match that I was well ahead in. Number 2 (more subjectively) it is actually better to kill the spawner slower to kill more of the baddies that spawn....kinda lame. One thing, on ID 36, thanks for not telling the player that the last basic would be about 100 strong, really cool after playing for 25 min with still 10 lives left.

For everyone else here is a general strategy to beat hard levels: Sniper towers, tons of em, then slow em down and either use some splash or area burst to clean up the splitters.


Seriously, i love this game. Thats all i have to say.

Mega Towers

Mega burst towers were awesome.

I liked it a lot

But the thing is, I sometimes found it hard to build mega towers when creating paths for the enemies to go past. And a glitch just happened, the waves froze at a spawner and nothing happened. I clicked NEXT WAVE and suddenly all 34 remaining waves all came at once. This caused some severe lag

Great game though! 5/5


This must be one of the most addicting TD games i've ever played. I really like how you can merge the towers together to make a huge one.

And the music, Wow! So relaxing. Does the music ingame and in the Menu have a name? I'd relly appreciate if you shared :D