Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"

ah come on!

I really liked this game, I don't know why so many reviews have been on the negative side. I really liked the different upgrades which gave it more of a strategy feel than most defense games, although i have to say a mega mega mega tower would be pretty cool :)

Ok, but!

I've seen many of these games... There like from the same engine!


Enjoyable, but on some of the easier levels, the quantity of enemies increases too soon. More than that, I've had a LOT of trouble with bugs, including a "game is paused" screen that won't go away, and a summary box that will similarly not disappear and then obstructs my view of the game. Sometimes it refuses to load at all. Shame, cause playingwise, it's very enjoyable :/

good game

just i had to go for a wile and when i got back i went on lvl selecet and click the next one and i glitched so bad the the screen whent blank

say NO to the points below

why? its easy
first of all -> if u dont like it THEN DONT PLAY IT - but thats for the blammers
i can only say that the second point is right which isnt a bad thing because all armor games on NG that i played by now dont have all features
think of armor games at this point
tutorial? skip? the hell? u can win BOTH levels in less than 10 or 20 seconds ...
healthbars? if u cant kill then u CANT kill it so no need to worry about health
art: bubble tanks and bubble tanks TD hmm? needs something that makes them look alike cause its BUBBLE TANKs ... why not same art? if im the creator of bubble tanks i would NEVER even think about making new art
map: this game is based on another one but i cant remember the name
the map design is great cause u r free to build however u like
Mega Mega Tower ok but 3x Mega? where to build this thing? dude the map isnt big enough for that
yeah only ONE thing is there thats true: no hotkey for next wave
anyway 5/5 10/10
i thought when i started playing: home sweet home