Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"

an awsome game without question

there is a bu where you click out of the game for something and it will not unpause the game otherwise its great


It has some very tricky spots, but the game manages them smoothly. A genuine challenge, with plenty of replay value.


great game

i loved playing this, it had great gameplay and there was so much to do with it,so it dindnt really get old, and it had varrying difficulty... good graphics, and an overall good game to play... great job, deffinitely one of the better tower denfense flashes


Good replay value

Very attractive. Thanks to the diverse variety of towers available, not to mention combos with mega towers and mega mega towers, this game has a high replay value.

It needs some rebalancing, though. The synergy of towers are just too strong. I can even stack my damage and fire rate bonuses. The stats of the mega towers are also too easily customisable to erase as many weaknesses possible. To get a mega tower with a good fire rate, simply make sure that a machine gun is one of its components. For good damage, sniper. Combine that with area burst and combo-ing towers such as bonus damage(x2), bonus fire rate and area weaken, that tower can kill everything single-handedly.

However, it still has great replay value. I haven't experimented much with mega mega towers, but looking forward to.

i really like it

its fucking awesome. seriously. one of the best games ive played in ages.
i like the style and the sounds, the whole package.
but im giving it a 9 because it got a bit slow and repetitive after a while.
but thats just me, dont take it personally >.>