Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"

u dont understand..

just how good this game is.. Probably the best TD game ive ever played.
I play this game whenever i go on newgrounds.. Well done

Love it!

I've always loved the Bubble tanks games, and TD is a good twist on it. You could have developed some more enemy types, but that's just me complaining. You are awesome. The game is becoming a series, like the Mastermind. If you can find an animator OR do it yourself, I would make a movie out of it.

ANYWAY - keep making Bubble Tanks materiels, it's a winning horse which you should keep betting on.

P.S. - kougazluvr, if the game didn't work for you, did you review it? Clear your cache, upgrade the flash player, and try again.


I'd like to give this game a good score, if only I could play it. All I get is a blinking circle and a blue background. :[


Wow. This is a great game! Very addictive, difficult... I got tired of trying to beat a few levels and started the infinite wave level.. and I can't be stopped! muahahaha. I do over 500, 000 damage with one of my towers :D.

There is a slight glitch - If too many enemies get through at once your lives goes to -1 and you have to refresh the window to continue. Other then that all I can say is make another one! This would be a great PS3 game if you incorperated the bluetooth headset and cooperative/competitive *score based?* game modes online and offline.


the only problem I really had was that you start out with the single basic tower that upgrades into the other towers, I didn't really like that.
otherwise a really good TD game!