Reviews for "Bubble Tanks TD"


WTF, this is just a clone of Xeno Tactic. Granted, an upgraded and revised clone, but still a clone.

Tower upgrade style, enemy types, enemy behavior, tower placement, tower behavior... everything is the same. Even that glitch where an enemy dies and it spawns kids on the other side of a wall is the same. The only REAL difference is the names of things.

The title may as well be "Xeno Tactic 3." That's all this is.

(Nothing too new or interesting.)

HeroInteractive responds:

Someday I should really play Xeno Tactic. Sounds like fun.

Stylish and Fun

I have a great love for tower defense games, I find them rather addicting, so it's nice to find some good tower defense games. This one is a particularly great example of a good tower defense game. The easy to understand upgrade system means you don't have to worry about what basic tower you've placed as they can be upgraded in different ways. The interface looks great and is easy to understand which is a must in my book. And on top of it all it looks unique and stylish so it doesn't seem like every other you've played before. If you like tower defense games, I definately recommend this.

pretty easy and awesome

i passed it without losing lives


A Very Epic game worth playing. And Worth Your Time.

Just another tower defense game... or is it?

There are alot of tower defense games out there, but this is one of the more unique ones. Of course there are the different generic enemies and bosses, which is a staple in all of the TD games.

But, the thing that differentiates this game is the towers. They evolve to the way you want them. Do you want alot of splash damage? Do you want to slow enemies down? Do you want to pin them down with a barrage of bullets? There are many different types to accomidate your style. Not only that, you can combine them to make a mega tower (!) or a mega mega tower (!!!). The combined towers take the attributes of the towers put into it to make a much more powerful weapon. That is a great addition to the game.

Graphics are good. Music is calming. Difficulty varies, and can become insanely hard (especially with the FML checkbox). Overall a great game, so good job on that! :)