Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"


I even unlocked all the achievements - and with huckle hound!

robotJAM responds:

woo hoo, well done, I hope you weren't using the jetpack to cheat !

Great game

This was a highly enjoyable game, but I do agree that it was way too short. But I did manage by day 20, 2nd try, to pull off 12 wins, 5 places, owned everything, max stats and over 200K money non spent. Got in the negatives in beginning but stuck through with huckle hound and got a few very lucky gambling calls and pulled it off. I also noticed if you studied the form guides it would help you a little bit by picking a winner. Great game, the music wasn't too bad and was addictive.

Great game

I love the NIN reference! I almost didn't catch it!

Good Game

Animation was good, liked your humour (The Newspaper was a nice touch), and thought it all ran rather well.
Didn't really see a problem with how long it was, and didn't even need to use anything illegal to win. I like that you can just play this game how you want to play it. tons of replay value, good job.


cool and difacult