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Reviews for "Marshmallow Squad 5"

you get an A+

what is this, i dont even

TheL1st responds:

glad you enjoyed you, you get an A+ aswell for liking get on my horse


LOL. AK on pigeons... That plot was genius. TOo bad yellow didn't make it
and that twisted ending was CREEPY. STILL EPIC THOUGH,VERY GOOD JOB :D:D

TheL1st responds:

you're my favorite fan


funny and i like srm!

TheL1st responds:

he was only a voice actor and ha no hand in the skillful animation


I love this series, it's so unique. Could you clean up the animation slightly? At some points it was a bit crummy and the lip syncing was quite terrible. It was just a black rectangle stuck on his face.

I like the backgrounds and the shading effects you've done. Nice choice of colours too.

TheL1st responds:

im glad i have two fans of the series that are not myself. thank you for the
review and the 8.
i look forward to entertaining you more


New animation really put a hurtin' on the score, but if it were seen in the old animation, it would be much better. I can see only the new animation and not the story.

TheL1st responds:

i'm talking new animation compared to the previous in the series, not my work in general, sorry if that confused you

also, Battosai810 had no hand in the creation of this besides some voice acting work
and him telling em to add that 747 sound when the pigeon takes off