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Reviews for "Mario Gets High Again"

Could have been better

This is ok, But the animation could have been a little better.

But for a Mario Video it was pretty good.


It was really really slow moving, but the audio was great.

Hmm, I wonder...

If I am high while playing Mario...then technically that would make Mario high yes?
Anyway, this was pretty awesome, the animation was kinda crude but that added to the humor in a way. My favorite part was Luigi tripping out on the bench, that and Bowser's back story heh. The voice work was perfect though, everyone sounded good and it matched up with the lip movements well.
This be going on my favorites, and yes I am stoned while writing this so take it for what it's worth. Rock on and good job!

Great Flash

What did yoshi take at the end?? LOL He was all like...DUUUUUDE