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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

not to good

not replay value plus keys sometimes jam i was suck heading diagonaly sw unable to move untill i died


good music and sprites
bad game play and repetitive - all you haf 2 do is just spam J and move lyk a ninja

didn't really like it

On The Contrary

I don't understand what people love about this game so much.

It only has ONE button... Look, I grew up with an Atari, and any good game that only had one button required precision. -Like Centipede and Space Invaders. But this game is a carpal tunnel-inducing button masher. Even the NES had two buttons. I mean, it could be anything: A shield, a magic spell, a kick, a chainsaw, very small rocks, churches... Basically, some variety would have been nice.

And the help screen should come up when you first start the game.


Only one move. Not impressed. Also, zero, game depth, little to no variety, shit sound... Keep trying.