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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Eh, needs work.

The hero needs more than a dash attack and getting help from items. Maybe when the hero levels up, he could get new attacks (like a spin attack to strike all foes in range).

Also there should be customizable controls. I find the WASD setup for this type of game awkward.

Not a bad little game

This reminds me of a lot of the games I used to play as a kid, quite entertaining if only for a short amount of time...


what i liked though was that you were fighting a horde of blobblies, walking sofacusions, shifty chinamen, and miniature avenged sevenfold logos. ha! take that bad metal band! i kinda wish it was just the logos. or that i was beating up avenged sevenfold. back on track, i think what your game needs is a boss at the end of each level. or during the levels, like in boxhead with the devils


damn thats a hard game, needs a way to increase max health

The Game

This Game is all right nothing really too spectacular or anything its playable I was able to get to around the 5th or 6th floor before is started to get REALLY hard but oddly enough I was getting really into it I found myself quietly muttering "Come on come on make it find some food" and the replay value is okay not something I would just get on Newgrounds and say"HEY I WANNA PLAY DRAGONRAGE" but all in all a average sorta game good try