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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

its ok

its a very nice idea but to me it starts feeling a lil repetetive even with new enemies

Not too shabby

Final floor: 12
Final level: 8
Rank: Paladin

Not too shabby; Overall a good game, albeit the repetitive factor. I'm fond of smash 'em ups, and I liked the whole "old-school" feeling it gave me, but after the first few floors I was all ready becoming bored with it. A few background changes here, a beefed-up version of the first level monsters here, and constantly beating my J key to death wasn't entirely appealing. The power-ups were thoughtful but grew obsolete in the later levels, as I hit a single monster several times before it died while the others surrounded me. I found it annoying that you had to move AND smash the J key to be able to attack. I found myself constantly running into the other monsters or the traps while doing so and quickly losing health that way. The music was all right, old-school and all with a NES feeling, but it's basically a few seconds of music repeated again and again, which is to this moment growing on my nerves.

Like stated earlier, could use a lot of work, but a good try overall. 7/10, 3/5.


it was good, but the single button thing got really boring. other than that i liked it.

Good Start

Now I encourage you to take what you have here and grow it into a full on dungeon crawler.

Nice game

It was fun for awhile, all you do is dash into enemies so it doesn't capture my attention for very long. I did enjoy it though, the music should be changed. My score was 506100, I'm a Paladin. :D