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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Killer old school arcade game

Its Pac man old school. but it would of gotten so many quarters its not even funny.

It could be better

As Sinisterniik said mashing one button pointlessley is boring!
The grafics are good
you should change the control layout to the arrow keys since it's more comfortable

Not bad...

On a positive note:
-Good Gameplay
-A wide variety of powerups and enemies
-Cool Ranking System
-The controls were difficult. Try Arrow Keys and Space Bar next game.
-More terrain would be nice (like stairs,walls, pits, trapdoors, or something other than flat ground.
-The whole "rage" thing didn't do much and is way overused in games. Get rid of it.

I suppose it isn't too bad

It reminds me on NES style games exept with a little beter character look. The music wasn't so bad and the gameplay as simple as it is reminds me of older games.

Reminded me of...

Nice sort of oldskool arcade game, keep up the good'uns