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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


The game was very fun. I think you should add more attack and maybe a after every few rounds you could take a break and buy upgrades or moves.


^ ^

almost saw the light

rank: berzerker
level 11
floor 17s
they took all my shinys away ;_:

yep, this is f***tastic!

its addictive , its fast paced, its melee combat! i mean wow this is the kinda of thing i simply drool over! the variety of ghouls and creatures, with their semi anime resilience is a kind of refined old school , with an odd nostalgia of arcade games come to mind... i had to how ever point out that the sprites were in all greatness , a little too simplistic in animation. maybe instead of flashing , blood splatter or goo splatter in say 4 or 5 different forms could just splash out in the opposite direction to the target. i also appreciated the pause between attacks, great timing, and i can c alot of work went into this too! this is brilliant in all awe =] keep up the great work

Entertaing, nice and simple

I liked it... but what I especially liked was the music you used. It made me play it longer than I normally would have.