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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


Only thing I did not like where the controls made my hand hurt after palying for only 10 mins.

Very good game but

I have found a glitch:
When you level from level 37 to level 38, you skip to level 97, and when you level to 98 you skip to level 315.
Also, I got the cheater rank even though I wasn't cheating.

Sweet Arcadey Morsels

I was having loads of fun until I paused it, then took a peak at the help screen. Then monsters stoppd spawning.
I was on floor 9S when this happened.
Superb game otherwise though! Simple, concise, and satisfying.

fun, but gets a little boring

it's fun at first, but as Sinisterniik said, it would be good to have some form of variation, maybe upgrades for weapons, or weapon pick ups, or another way to attack.

Overall Nice

But I felt like the game was just starting to hate me after awhile.. I got far in the game and found a sword , I was like oh cool! im gonna be stronger... wrong.. monsters that took 2 hits still took 2 hits.. and after awhile you level but dont get more HP? or even pick up hearts and nothing except heals you ._. quite frustrating to see this happening.

Lastly just want to point out how stupid it is you can only carry 1 key , or that chest appear way early and you even have a key or ever had a chance to get one yet ~_~

Great game , has alot of potential but make it more "rewarding and satisfying" to keep players coming back.