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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Well done

Great art style, the difficulty curve grew at a steady, reasonable pace, and it's a fun game overall.

Only problem I found were those stairs! They are NOT a shortcut to the next level! BEWARE THE STAIRS......

very cool

awsome action game! has a great concept and the game play is easy to get the hang of. animation is good, but the sound gets kinda of repeative and boring after a while..
overall: 9/10 nice work!


fun little addicting game...
not a whole lot to complain about.
a great time waster.
the music was a little annoying, but i got used to it.
thanks for the item cheat sheet :)

Way awesome

Dude this reminds me of an old namco game I sued to play exept better and coole, great job man!

Not bad :D