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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


in 1 game i got none and chest spawned like rain.
in another the keys were jumping at me, but no chests.
Seemed rather... silly. Other then that though i enjoyed this game, it reminds me of the good old Snes days.

Very good game but

I have found a glitch:
When you level from level 37 to level 38, you skip to level 97, and when you level to 98 you skip to level 315.
Also, I got the cheater rank even though I wasn't cheating.

Overall, good game.

Killing enemies was painful...
...for my ears.

Wow Addicting!!!!!

I liked it a lot! i got to floor 7. 461300 points and rank knight. those gray souls are creepy.


Game is challenging and fun. My second play I got 2,212,500 points. Floor:17. Rank: Berzerker.