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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Great Game, One Problem

The only problem I found with this game is that when you take the stairs to room 24S, after killing all the monsters the stairs don't come back to let you leave. You're just stuck there with no enemies coming and no way out so I had to kill myself on the spikes to restart. If you can fix that one bug that would be great =)


Im a european and I can use wasd And this game is fun

yep, this is f***tastic!

its addictive , its fast paced, its melee combat! i mean wow this is the kinda of thing i simply drool over! the variety of ghouls and creatures, with their semi anime resilience is a kind of refined old school , with an odd nostalgia of arcade games come to mind... i had to how ever point out that the sprites were in all greatness , a little too simplistic in animation. maybe instead of flashing , blood splatter or goo splatter in say 4 or 5 different forms could just splash out in the opposite direction to the target. i also appreciated the pause between attacks, great timing, and i can c alot of work went into this too! this is brilliant in all awe =] keep up the great work

God Dammit !

Could you PLEASE think of the european players who can't use WASD controls !

Add Arrows Control and we'll play this game...

great game

wow great game... addictive and funny i reached floor 38 with a 12.957.500 score and died >_<
i got 6 of the pink monsters but couldnt find the pink spectre i will list the attacks of each one i found.
Pink Slime: makes copies of itself
Pink Golem: speed up when hitted
Pink Bat: follow you pretty fast
Pink Skeleton: improved skeleton attack, and a dashing attack like us
Pink Spectre: ¿? i wonder what it do coulndt found it =(
Pink Ninja: shuriken machinegun and teleport (cant reflect the shurikens)
Pink Demon: trowh lots of fireballs and chase you if you get near (cant reflect the fireballs)

the only reason i put a nine its that you need to rely on luck for the items and that the RAGE attack is not unleasheable, apart from that good job pal =)