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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


how do u attack? looked in help not there


It's okay I guess... Not one of my favorite games but it's a good idea. My personal preferences aside, it just seemed like it got repetitive. Maybe add some levels that are mazes or add some sort of alternate objectives.

Kinda fun

It is good in that it keeps me trying to get further and further, but concept wise it felt a little off. The music also got annoying after a while.

Note: The enemies are going underneath the spikes instead of over them. It looks bizarre.

Good game, but...

Reminded me the classic Gauntlet, from NES system... the music is awesome, I loved the graphics and gameplay (specially the collecting), but... really hated the control system. I'd prefer a classic "Arrows-and-space" config. Too bad I can't even change it through an options menu.

This is great!

It reminded me of some old game I used to play; except this was exceptionally better.