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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


what i liked though was that you were fighting a horde of blobblies, walking sofacusions, shifty chinamen, and miniature avenged sevenfold logos. ha! take that bad metal band! i kinda wish it was just the logos. or that i was beating up avenged sevenfold. back on track, i think what your game needs is a boss at the end of each level. or during the levels, like in boxhead with the devils

Wow nice

Score: 1253500
Final Floor: 12
Rank: Berzerker
First try : ) I loved it!


It a nice game, I died in the 3rd floor xD damnt i think i can do better t^^ it is not awesome so i give you 7 stars, maybe you could make some new attacks and different backrounds

Well done

Great art style, the difficulty curve grew at a steady, reasonable pace, and it's a fun game overall.

Only problem I found were those stairs! They are NOT a shortcut to the next level! BEWARE THE STAIRS......

Nice game

I like the graphics and level transitions. I like the enemy AI and difficulty. The options to mute and pause are a pluse.