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Reviews for "Dragonrage"




The second time I played it it had frozen on me... music and sound still playing, but the image froze...


Just don't understand why you guys can't make using arrow keys for movement an option,..unplayable for this lefty.

gvsboy responds:

Originally, we used arrow keys for movement (which I prefer as well) but problems surfaced when we tested the game among our friends. It seems that some keyboards nerfed the attack in certain directions, making the game unplayable to some. I imagine thats one reason some games default to WASD. I think we'll provide control scheme options in the future (with a big warning on potential keyboard problems), letting the player choose which works best.


^ ^

great, i love the idea!

Cant get past gladiator rank tho, and why is there only one song that plays continually? maybe bosses, and a better beat would help.