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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


I miss old arcade style nonsense games where you obviously would have spent over $20 just to get to the last level only to run out of quarters.... This brings back fond memories, but could use a little work.

could be waaay beter

1 no arrow control
2 no mute (music is really annoying)
3 guy doesn't turn if he walks back
4 stupid attack

overrall not good

gvsboy responds:

To mute, press "M". Alternately, click the blue speaker on the title menu.

its good

if it was 8-bit or 16-bit I would of loved it though.

im a fan of the old style games

its ok

but yea no story and no animations of ne type but as its been said itd make a gud arcade game

very... allright

quite difficult, not too bad.. but no depth