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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


ok..i know its hard but seriously...it completely drones on with mindless repetitive gameplay that is fun at first but then just..mindnumbing...! i gave up when i reached floor 11(including the S levels just cause..your almost like immortal lol)

Nicely made i grant you but...i guess its just not my kinda game really.


F****** hard but awesome. I got to Level 10 (including the S floors) before i died. Paladin Rank.


it was nice ;D but not perfekt i wish a part 2
make it better than that :D


i loved it.. the game would make the BEST mmorpg EVA! and i have played wow and would prefer this to that.. I AM NOT PROMOTING WOW IM UNPROMOTING IT I AM PROMOTING THIS THOUGH!!!!


I feel like this would have been way cooler if it was 8-bit style graphics.