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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

Reasonably Primitive...

But very addictive and fun! The quality of the graphics needs a bit of work, but otherwise a very good job!

Great Potential!

This is an awesome example where gameplay>graphics. To be honest the art and flash was subpar, but the content and gameplay was fantastic! I think if you went back and added different attacks as well as improved artwork, you would have a truly remarkable game on your hands!

You get full marks for level design, monster variety, good progression (difficulty-wise) and addictive gameplay.

You only lost two points for me with the graphics side of things. I think you have great potential though and I look forward to your games in the future!

Fun, addicting!

You should have a version with a female protagonist who only has to spell "RAG" for her to flip out and go into a rage, lol.

is this game made out of crack?

Cause I'm kind of addicted... I need more, NOW!
I love the music.

that was fun

that was a really fun game to play i havent been on newgrounds for a while it was good to come back tto a good game