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Reviews for "Dragonrage"

good potential, meh execution

you need more then one button, why not use a power-up system for a soft of "special attack" to be used with the second button, which changes depending on what power-up you picked up. as it is now you just mash the J key over and over, which makes the game a bit repetitive in the process. other then that, it seemed a good game, minus the few gripes i listed above.


Simple, yet VERY addicting. I liked it... for a while ;)

fun, but gets a little boring

it's fun at first, but as Sinisterniik said, it would be good to have some form of variation, maybe upgrades for weapons, or weapon pick ups, or another way to attack.

It could be better

As Sinisterniik said mashing one button pointlessley is boring!
The grafics are good
you should change the control layout to the arrow keys since it's more comfortable

On The Contrary

I don't understand what people love about this game so much.

It only has ONE button... Look, I grew up with an Atari, and any good game that only had one button required precision. -Like Centipede and Space Invaders. But this game is a carpal tunnel-inducing button masher. Even the NES had two buttons. I mean, it could be anything: A shield, a magic spell, a kick, a chainsaw, very small rocks, churches... Basically, some variety would have been nice.

And the help screen should come up when you first start the game.