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Reviews for "Dragonrage"


really got boring fast

Good Start

Now I encourage you to take what you have here and grow it into a full on dungeon crawler.


it was good, but the single button thing got really boring. other than that i liked it.

Pretty good

A very good effort, but I have to say a few things made me not want to continue. First, the game is slightly repetitive and though fun for a while, single button mashing gets a little old. Second, losing items from damage hurts really bad on the higher levels. It gets to be that a random hit may spell your death. Finally, I noticed some glitching when a lot of monsters were being attacked. Often, I'd burst through them and only one or two would register the hit. Complaints aside, this was pretty fun. Some more perks for leveling, a little enemy balancing, and maybe power-ups or slightly more resilient items would make this perfect.


I got to lvl 50 and giant floppy dick monsters came out and started attaciking me and then hot chick monster came out and im like wtf?